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Board of Trustees

Elected position – 4 year terms

The Talcott Free Library Board of Trustees, Rockton  IL meets the first Monday of each month.  Meetings are held at the Talcott Free Library at 7pm.  Exceptions to regular scheduled dates this year are July 14, August 11 and Sept 8.  All meetings are open to the public.

Gary Kovanda– President

Alan Mohring - Vice President

William Midgett – Treasurer

Leslie Eggers– Secretary

Nina Herzer

Cheryl Butler

Mary Zimmerman

Library Director Position Description


Board Minutes

Talcott Free Library Board Meeting
February 2,, 2015
7:00 PM

Mission Statement: The Talcott Free Library District provides current materials in a variety of formats, preserves local history, supports educational endeavors, and supplies community information.

Present: Butler, Eggers, Herzer, Kovanda, Midgett, Mohring, Zimmerman, Estrada
The meeting was called to order by President Kovanda.

Public Comment:  
There was no one present from the public for comment. 

Secretary's Report:  
Herzer moved to approve the minutes of the January 5, 2014 board meeting, seconded by Mohring. The motion was carried unanimously.

Treasurer's Report:
Midgett passed out the January financial reports for review. As reported at the January board meeting all of the CD’s at First National Bank had matured. Advice from the bank was to temporarily convert the CD’s into money market accounts due to low interest rates for CD’s in the 2-3 year term. January is typically a poor month for CD investments and it is hoped that rates will improve in the next 30-90 days.  Therefore, the CD funds are secured with the pledged assets account for the time being. Herzer moved to accept the Treasurer’s report. Zimmerman seconded and the motion was carried unanimously. 

Librarian's Report:    
Estrada reported nothing unusual for expenses this month.  Zimmerman moved to accept the librarian’s report and pay the bills.  The motion was seconded by Mohring and approved unanimously.
            An appraisal for the new proposal received from IDOT regarding construction easement has not yet been received.  There is nothing in their proposal that states that the easement will be restored to the original condition. There is concern among Rockton residents regarding the construction and also placement of stop lights at the intersection.  If enough people sign a protest letter, IDOT may change the plan. Construction is slated to begin November 2015.  Melody McCracken is the Right of Way negotiator.  Estrada and Kovanda will contact with questions.
            The application for PerCapita funds for 2015/16 has been accepted.  The library will receive approximately $17,000.00.
            Upcoming programs include the Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Kennedy program that will be performed by Laura Keyes and Leslie Goddard.  Volunteer tax assistance will be available by appointment at the library starting this month.  A limited number of tax forms will be available at the library as well.
Building and Grounds Report:  
            Anderson came out to repair the spot on the roof that continues to be plagued with leaks.  A bill for that service is expected soon. There are ceiling tiles that need to be put back into place to keep the heat from rising and melting the snow/ice on the roof.  This situation may be contributing to the persistent leaks.

Old Business:  
            Mohring sent out three versions of the library history to board members just prior to the board meeting.  Members will read and discuss at the next meeting.

New Business
            Executive Lawn Care did not come to shovel the sidewalk after the snowstorm.  They are paid per visit.  They have not been reliable for snow removal or leaf pick-up.  A new service may need to be considered for next year.
            Estrada has been contacting various local businesses about making presentations on the current construction plan.  The Ro-Ro Expo is March 15th  & 16th but there is probably not enough time to prepare for that.
            There was a discussion of potential library staff in the future and how replacements would be located.

The next regular meeting of the Board will be Monday, March 2, 2015 at 7:00 PM.
Zimmerman moved to adjourn the meeting.  Butler seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Leslie Eggers