Getting started with MP3 players

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Getting started with MP3 players

Using MP3 players to listen to titles from your local library is easy. All you have to do is check out and download a title, then transfer it to your device using OverDrive Media Console.
If you have an iPod, these articles may be more helpful:

What you need

How it Works

  1. Install software
    You can use your MP3 player to enjoy audio titles from your library. You’ll need OverDrive Media Console (OMC) to transfer MP3 or WMA (if supported) audio files to your device.

    Note: You can look up your MP3 player on OverDrive’s Device Resource Center to see if it supports WMA titles.

  2. Browse, check out, download
    To get started, browse to an OverDrive-powered library website. To find your library, try using

    Next, check out and download an audiobook using your computer (Windows or Mac), then transfer it to your device (Windows or Mac).

  3. Enjoy
    Once you’ve transferred a title to your MP3 player, you can listen to it just like you would any other audio file.