NEW-Adobe Digital Editions 2.0

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Adobe released Digital Editions

It’s a new version of the
software patrons use to read eBooks on their computers and transfer eBooks to
eReaders like the NOOK. ADE 2.0 comes with a bunch of improvements and changes
you should know about. First, the “User Interface” has been completely
redesigned to be screen-reader friendly.

That’s right, you read that
correctly. ADE now works with screen readers for low-vision and visually
impaired users. Specifically, NVDA, JAWS, and VoiceOver
are compatible for menu navigation and reading books.

 You’ve probably also
noticed that each eBook is now represented by a simple tile. There are no more
hover-over context menus. Instead, ADE uses the standard right-click (or
control-click for Mac) menu for individual eBook options.


Activating compatible eBook
readers with ADE has become real easy. You just plug in the eBook reader you
want to activate, then drag the book you want to read over to the device.
That’s it. The Adobe ID is automatically registered, and the book is
transferred all in one step.

ADE 2.0 does have one quirk
that you should know about (remember, it’s brand-spanking-new). The banners
across each eBook that show how many days are left on a loan aren’t always accurate.
If you check out an eBook for three weeks, it might say that there are only two
weeks left for you to read it. Don’t worry, the loans will still expire at the
right time, and we’ve let Adobe know what’s going on.