Policies for Talcott during Covid-19

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Patron Conduct

All individuals over age two who are able to medically tolerate a mask/face covering are required to wear a mask that covers their noses and mouths while in the Talcott Free Library. Reasonable accommodations such as Curbside to-go service and online resources are available to those who are medically prevented from or decline to wear a face covering. All individuals are required to maintain a six-foot distance from others when practical. Those refusing to wear a face covering and/or maintain a six-foot distance when practical will be required to leave the library as outlined in the library’s Conduct Policy.

When the Illinois Department of Public Health declares that the state has reached Phase 5 of the “Restore Illinois” plan, this policy will be lifted automatically. The policy will be reinstated should the Illinois Department of Public Health determine that the state must return to any phase lower than Phase 5 of the “Restore Illinois” plan.

Talcott Free Library and its board are authorized to reinstate this policy during future health emergencies as recommended by local, state, and/or federal authorities.


Unaccompanied Minors

Talcott Free Library welcomes all children. Parents/caregivers are responsible for their child’s safety and behavior while in the Library whether the parent/caregiver is present or not. Library employees cannot function as caregivers or babysitters. The Library is not equipped—and it is not the Library’s role—to provide long-or short-term childcare. The Library assumes neither responsibility nor liability for the actions, care, supervision or safety of minors.

For the safety and comfort of children, a responsible adult or an older responsible individual aged 16 or over must accompany children under age thirteen when they are using the Library. This responsible individual must supervise, guide and control the behavior of their charge or charges at all times.


Public Restrooms

Talcott Free Library has determined that for the safety of the community, public restrooms will not be available for public use during a health emergency in the community of Rockton, Illinois. Restrooms will be reopened when it is determined that they can be adequately cleaned to the requirements of local, State, federal, and CDC guidelines or the health emergency is declared over.


Computer Use

Talcott Free Library and its board reserve the right to limit or remove the availability of public computers from use for the safety of the community as a whole during any form of public health emergency. During this time, Talcott will continue to offer public Wi-Fi access on the property free of charge. The library will use up-to-date information from local, State, and federal authorities to determine when and how many computers can be safely returned to public use. All computers will return to public use when a health emergency is declared over.


Staff space

Talcott Free Library reserves the right to designate any area as staff only space, either on a permanent or temporary basis, provided it does not interfere with the public’s right to use the library. Library staff will clearly label any areas off limits to the public with signage. Talcott Free Library has the right to ask any non-employee to leave any area currently designated as staff only.